Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chance & Amber I DO // Buda, Texas wedding photographer

People say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day. Well, on Chance and Amber's wedding day that's exactly what happened. But that's why you have a Plan B for the ceremony if it's outdoors! And at Kali Kate Event Pavillion the back up plan for the ceremony in front of the fireplace was absolutely gorgeous. They had candles lining the entire pavillion. It was incredibly romantic!

Rain or not, Chance and Amber still got married and that's all that matters in the end. And that's why it's OK if it rains on your wedding day. :)
 photo ChanceampAmberWedding-17_zps137b1670.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-16_zps5b1c87b8.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-19_zps31a99a9a.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-18_zps573e0a9b.jpg
 photo ChanceAmber_collage1_zps7c0b16ca.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-19_zps31a99a9a.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-21_zps78020f2f.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-27_zpsd7b19ddc.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-28_zps45eeded3.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-33copy_zps70e46cf9.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-38_zpsa9db1e1d.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-52_zps7c755087.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-67_zpse2c41cd8.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-68_zps4abe17e3.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-71_zps5490cc92.jpg

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