Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Breitenkamp Family // Bay City, Texas family photographer

I haven't had so much fun with a family session in a long time. Leslie and Brett and their three kids were so much! And I couldn't have asked for better weather to shoot in. I'll let you in on a little secret too - when you're shooting a session with kids be sure to have an extra set of hands with you, otherwise you'll end up with a baby on your hip and shooting one handed, and boy is that hard ha! ;)
   photo BreitenkampFamCollage01_zpsdbdfe6a9.jpg photo BreitenkampFamCollage02_zpse931e871.jpg  photo BreitenkampFamily-24_zps2b9ba9f5.jpg  photo BreitenkampFamily-36_zps3d3d8a17.jpg  photo BreitenkampFamily-44_zpscc83b6af.jpg  photo BreitenkampFamily-50_zps75c8a471.jpg  photo BreitenkampFamily-48_zpsc5d69807.jpg  photo BreitenkampFamily-8-2_zpsaf75b5b9.jpg

Sara & Michael Engagements // Bay City, Texas couples photographer

I know I say this about every session I do, but Sara and Michael's engagement session might just be my favorite session to date. They were absolutely adorable together. Everything came together perfectly - the lighting, the location, the couple - absolutely stunning!!  And despite what Michael said, he was really great in front of the camera. We did their session at multiple locations, and there's no way I could choose a single favorite shot, so here are quite a few of my favorites! ;)
   photo SampMEngageCollage01_zps85b9544a.jpg photo SampMEngageCollage02_zps9c7f2a1e.jpg  photo SaraampMichaelEngagements-15_zpse1115bcc.jpg  photo SaraampMichaelEngagements-17_zpsf18c5067.jpg  photo SampMEngageCollage03_zps93c170f7.jpg  photo SampMEngageCollage04_zpsbf434370.jpg  photo SaraampMichaelEngagements-67_zps9963ce49.jpg  photo SaraampMichaelEngagements-74_zps5737a415.jpg  photo SaraampMichaelEngagements-76_zpsaf32b3a3.jpg

Cornelius Family // Bay City, Texas family photographer

 photo CorneliusCollage01_zps1733c2cf.jpg  photo CorneliusCollage02_zps855a9be0.jpg  photo CorneliusFamily-57_zps23e4f76e.jpg  photo CorneliusCollage03_zps561a11f4.jpg  photo CorneliusFamily-74_zpsc3450241.jpg

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chance & Amber I DO // Buda, Texas wedding photographer

People say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day. Well, on Chance and Amber's wedding day that's exactly what happened. But that's why you have a Plan B for the ceremony if it's outdoors! And at Kali Kate Event Pavillion the back up plan for the ceremony in front of the fireplace was absolutely gorgeous. They had candles lining the entire pavillion. It was incredibly romantic!

Rain or not, Chance and Amber still got married and that's all that matters in the end. And that's why it's OK if it rains on your wedding day. :)
 photo ChanceampAmberWedding-17_zps137b1670.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-16_zps5b1c87b8.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-19_zps31a99a9a.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-18_zps573e0a9b.jpg
 photo ChanceAmber_collage1_zps7c0b16ca.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-19_zps31a99a9a.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-21_zps78020f2f.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-27_zpsd7b19ddc.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-28_zps45eeded3.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-33copy_zps70e46cf9.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-38_zpsa9db1e1d.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-52_zps7c755087.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-67_zpse2c41cd8.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-68_zps4abe17e3.jpg  photo ChanceampAmberWedding-71_zps5490cc92.jpg
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