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An Elegant Fall Styled Wedding Shoot // Beneath the Oaks Wedding Venue, Midfield, Texas

You guuuuyyyyssss!!! I am so stinking excited to share this styled shoot with you! This has been a dream of mine to plan and put together for a long while now, like we're talking three years in the making. I have wanted to shoot a wedding out at Beneath the Oaks since I was out there in 2015 for this magazine collaboration, and even if it was a big fat fake one, I'll still take it. ;)

Meagan Piwonka is the venue Manager out there and fellow Aggie grad! I sent her a text message asking about their schedule on Mondays after weddings, and she said they were so laid back afterwards they're just doing cleanup. So I pitched my idea to her, and I was beyond excited when she said she'd be happy to work with me!!! Pinch me please. As soon as I got the OK from her, I started texting several other friends and local vendors around town to ask if they'd be interested in collaborating with me to spread the word about their businesses too. And if it couldn't get any better, …

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