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Chad + Victoria // Creekside Ranch Engagement Pictures Round Mountain, Texas

Today's engagement session is really dear to my heart because the bride-to-be is actually Brandon's sister!! When Victoria asked me to take her and Chad's engagement pictures out at the ranch where her mom works I was super ecstatic. Their Texas ranch is just on the other side of Austin, and it's beyond beautiful - full of overgrown Live Oak trees, wild deer, beautiful landscape, and it has a creek running right through it!

It's always so much fun for me to be able to capture family behind my lens. The atmosphere is always so much more relaxed. There's no pressure to be super professional, and I can goof off without feeling like I'm ruining my reputation ha! ;) I loved being able to pose them and put in to action everything I've been learning behind the scenes in my continuing photography education from the fabulous Katelyn James Photography! If you've never heard of her, you have to check her out. And if you're into photography, you really hav…

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